Benefits Of PsycHolistics

[1] A Uniquely tailored program, not a one-size fits all approach, but a blend of methods designed to fit your needs and personality. [2] Action Focus. Not just talking, but action methods that actively rewire your brain. Master the brain’s “plasticity ” to become free of most medications. [3] Understanding and Group Support. Research shows that people do better when they feel supported by others. Then we help you find a place to belong and … Read More

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New Therapeutic Parenting Support Groups are being facilitated monthly for foster/adopt parents. The groups are limited to 6-8 people and at this stage are held in members’ homes on a rotating basis. There is a Fremantle based group and a northern suburbs based group. They are open to anyone parenting a foster child. The aim of these groups is to help parents cope with the strong emotions raised by caring for a child who … Read More