SkillUp Day Camp

SKILLUP DAY CAMP for children aged 8-11 in the Victoria Park, Belmont, Rivervale, Lathlain, Carlisle, Kenwick and St James areas.

October 5 – 8, 9.30 – 3 p.m.

Does your child need to make friends or has difficulty keeping them? Some children lack self-confidence, are too shy to make the initial approach, have difficulty sharing or have trouble reading social cues.

Or is your child a born leader? Popular, with plenty of friends vying for their attention, but simply nervous about transitioning to high school next year?

Friendships, especially close ones, need to be nurtured and developed and the development of positive friendships is a significant contributor to children’s mental health, self-esteem and overall happiness. And the good news is that friendship skills can be taught and learned like any other skill.

The SkillUp program is a unique five-day friendship skills training program which combines therapeutic friendship skills training with Christian values education. This not-for-profit venture is designed to develop peer mentors as well as offer guidance in the form of psychosocial skills training, values education and peer mentoring for children who struggle with making or keeping friends.

Part-sponsored by the Star St Uniting Church, the SkillUp program will be run under the experienced leadership of psychologist-teacher Juanita Berry, teacher and psychology-registrar Pradeepta Awasthi and group leader and psychology student Mitchel Zeer. Leaders will be assisted by teacher-specialists and trained volunteers and peer mentors from Star St Uniting Church. These leaders have an impressive range of real-world experience which can help make a lasting positive impact on your child’s life. Proposed activities include: Tight Rope walking, Science activities, Cooking, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre workshop, Acting workshops, Clay modelling, Art and Craft, Drumming, Group games, Outings and Nature-guided Therapy.

Cost is $150 a week per child. This cost covers morning and afternoon teas, lunches, materials, specialist teachers and outings.

Bookings are ESSENTIAL as places are limited. Email for enrolment forms or visit our Facebook page for regular program updates: