Heal yourself through self-hypnosis

Everyone has one….. A deep, dark fear; a bad habit that can’t be broken; a failure of nerve or health or willpower that can’t be overcome.

They are products of the most powerful force known to nature. Your mind. Specifically, your mind working against you. If you’re like most people, you’ve depended in the past on the brute force of WILLPOWER or sheer DETERMINATION to achieve your goals… whether that goal was losing weight, ending destructive addictions, conquering stage fright or performing under pressure.

This method is doomed to failure. Why? Because you are fighting your own mind and your powerful mind created the problem in the first place. There are forces at work in you that paralyze your growth as an adult and cause you to do things you don’t want to do, ‘despite your best intentions’.  The inferiority complex and other complexes about money, sexuality, success and love prevent you from achieving the success you want and deserve in life, and lead you tragically towards failure.

But… you can learn to train and focus the power of the mind to work with you. Only then will your fears melt away and your bad habits lose their hold over you.

Imagine never again having to live in the shadow of your biggest fear….  Imagine breaking, once and for all, the shackles of weight problems, addiction, depression, anxiety. You can even learn to block pain and heal chronic illness.

How? Self-hypnosis will develop your positive qualities and correct your faults. Self-hypnosis works much the same way as therapist-guided hypnosis – the power of the subconscious mind is harnessed by entering a super-relaxed state and resetting negative thought patterns.  But it’s not all about problem solving.  Self-hypnosis is a self-management strategy. The only time it’s not a good idea is where there is past unresolved trauma.

You can learn self-hypnosis easily and you can do it at your own pace in the privacy of your own home. So it’s inexpensive.  Juanita will teach you proven mind-focusing techniques and ready-to-use hypnotic suggestions that have worked miracles for thousands of people. Discover how easy it can be to use them to

  • Lose weight
  • Relieve chronic pain                                                       Become a better spouse/parent
  • Eliminate depression                                                     Conquer anger and stress
  • Improve sports performance                                        Alleviate allergies and asthma
  • Advance your career                                                       Stop smoking
  • Improve your sex life                                                       Captivate others
  • End addictions                                                                 Banish fears
  • Enjoy blissful sleep

And the results can last a lifetime!

Chain smoker quits cold turkey, without a withdrawal pang!

Henry’s three-pack-a-day habit had progressed to the point where he couldn’t function without a cigarette in his mouth. Only when his health began to fail dramatically did he turn to self-hypnosis. Amazingly, after only his fourth self-hypnotic session, he stopped smoking for good. His health improved, his zest for life returned and cigarettes have permanently lost their hold on him.

Chronic obesity defeated by power of suggestion!

Mrs W. Had a family background of weight problems and related illnesses. Her GP prescribed medicine intended to speed up her metabolism, which created a cycle of weight losses, gains and dosage increases, until no amount of medicine worked and her weight rose alarmingly. At her wits’ end, she tried hypnosis. With the help of hypnotic suggestion, she was able to lose 22 Kg – and keep it off! “It requires so little effort”, she says “and the results are so encouraging”.

Paralyzing stage fright banished with self-hypnosis

Dr E, a brilliant research scientist, found his career aspirations blocked because he was deathly afraid of speaking in public. Finally he turned to hypnosis. Almost instantly, his fears melted away. He literally couldn’t remember why he had been afraid and he was able to give speeches and lectures with ease.

Fear of flying conquered with the power of the mind

Gwen was forced to quit her job as a flight attendant because of an ever-worsening fear of flying. To make matters worse, her husband travelled often on business and she was forced to pass up many chances to travel with him. Determined, she practiced self-hypnosis and, in no time at all, was able to fly to Rome, completely free of fear.

Lifelong shyness eliminated!

Alice had been painfully shy practically all her life. Her lack of confidence and poor social skills made the most basic things – like holding a job – difficult. At the end of her rope, she tried self-hypnosis. Almost instantly, she saw her lifelong fears for what they were – mere phantoms. Over the next few weeks, she began to come out of her shell. She joined clubs, made friends and embarked on a new life.

Painful menstruation banished with one suggestion

Janet suffered from menstruation pains so severe, she was forced to retire to bed for days at a time. When drugs, physical therapy, even an operation failed to help, she turned to hypnosis. Her next period was marked by only slight cramps. The period after that one was entirely normal. The pain had literally disappeared!


Read these facts. Then decide if you want to prove them to yourself!

1. Command your face to firm up, your hair to grow fuller again, even your breasts to increase their size. Sound impossible? Then read this amazing experiment conducted by Professor Tepperwein on a young, flat-chested female student, showing the incredible power that hypnotic suggestion can have on the body.

He records: “With the patient’s permission, I started the experiment on the right breast. I did this to prove the effectiveness of hypnosis. I suggested “Your right breast will grow larger day by day but your left breast will not change”. And that is exactly what happened. The subject, amazed at her success, begged me to continue the treatment. In two weeks her left breast was as big as the right one. ”

A similar experiment was conducted on 19 women by Doctors James E. Williams and M.S. Gregg-Harrison (Texas). The average increase in breast size was a full two and a half inches.

Look right now at your face in the mirror. The wrinkles in your forehead, the crow’s feet around your eyes, the deep lines between your nose and mouth.. are all caused as much or more by worry and strain as by the passing years.

But now imagine your subconscious mind telling your face not to reflect that strain at all! Think of issuing the overpowering suggestion that all these physical signs of worry are to ‘relax themselves’away! That – beginning now – every moment of the day and night makes you look younger and not older.

2. Hypnotise disease out of your body. Researchers at the famous Mayo Clinic estimate that 80% of all illness is psychosomatic. By freeing you from relentless stress, deep self-hypnosis will automatically fill your mind with feelings of harmony and serenity and may actually DOUBLE your energy and vitality. You can learn to rid yourself of allergies, asthma, skin problems, hayfever, migraines, impotence and frigidity, gastro-intestinal problems, heart spasms, indigestion, intestinal spasms, constipation. Some experiments have even shown reduced growth of tumours and post-operative bleeding is curbed.

3. Transport yourself back to the deep sleep you had as a child. One person out of 7 suffers from insomnia. Each year, millions of dollars are wasted on drugs such as tranquilisers and sleeping pills. You can learn not only how to get yourself a deep, energizing sleep but to do the same for others as well.

4. Convince your body that it must burn fat like a teenager. A French model lost 30 pounds – and kept it off for 15 years – by using fat-burning hypnosis in her sleep. Forget diet – it doesn’t work long-term. Use automatic suggestion instead!

5. Compel your colon to clean itself out at will. If you suffer from constipation, if you are a slave to laxatives, if your entire lower body feels blown up like a hard balloon, your subconscious mind has the solution. Think of  being pure and clean again, of setting your own regularity schedule. Of never straining or suffering the pain and embarrassment of haemorrhoids. In just one or two sessions, constipation will be nothing more than a bad memory.

6. Numb completely the taste buds that drive you to smoke and don’t eat an extra morsel to make up for it. Never again be in constant fear of smoker’s cough, emphysema, heart disease and throat and lung cancer. Don’t try to fight your way out of the habit – hypnotise it away.

The need for nicotine for example is a conditioned reflex. Your inner self built it; your inner self can flush it away. Using a single self-hypnotic method, you can develop a hatred for the taste and even smell of tobacco, without cravings of any kind. You are therefore freed  almost at once. … and best of all, there is no physical or psychological need for relapses.

7. Set up “steel blocks”around your pain centres that even a dentist’s drill can’t get through. Pain comes from your body, but it must reach your brain to be felt! If the nerves that convey the pain to your brain are ‘shorted out’ by your subconscious mind, no drug on earth can match their pain-killing effects.

To begin with, you’ll never be afraid to go to the dentist anymore! Hundreds of dental surgeons are already using this hypnosis on their patients with incredible success. That alone is proof that it works.

And think what this discovery means to you if you suffer from arthritis, nerve pain, bursitis, back pain headaches and all the other day-to-day tortures! You can learn to block your pain centres against them and to do the same for those you love.

(A NOTE OF CAUTION). This secret of hypnotic pain-killing is so effective that it should be used only on dental, childbirth and chronic pain – where the cause of the pain is known in advance. Other pain is a warning signal from your body and should not be blocked until the cause is thoroughly known.)

8. Command your body to pull the addiction out of alcohol and drugs. With a simple, silent mental suggestion, take the ‘kick’ out of them for good. Walk away from drugs because the thrill has gone. Correct years of slavery in as little as a few joyous days. Learn the step-by-magical step method for curing alcoholism and drug addiction once and for all.

9. Quiet a child’s bladder so he can sleep for 8 hours without bed wetting.  Using sleep-hypnosis you can ‘suggest away’ thumb sucking, bed wetting, loss of appetite… even personality problems such as laziness, lying, cowardice, etc. In addition you can develop your child’s positive physical and moral qualities.

10.  Improve your concentration, learning, willpower and memory – at least three times. Professor Vladimir Raikov of the neurosurgery clinic at Moscow University demonstrated that post-hypnotic suggestion alone improved the intellectual capacity of subjects by as much as 150 percent. You can even learn to absorb new vocabularies or languages.

Dr Wilder Penfield, at McGill University in Montreal, has shown that electrical stimulation of brain cells causes subjects to relive events from their past. They experience the scenes as if they were happening in the present, even though they took place years before.  This means that what you have read and seen is recorded in your brain. While the conscious mind simply cannot tap this information, it can be reached through the subconscious.  By making a post-hypnotic suggestion (a command issued after you have put yourself under hypnosis which goes into action as soon as you awaken), this subconsciously stored information can be accessed and explored.

For example, Aldous Huxley, the celebrated author of “Brave New World” recounts how, after learning self-hypnosis, he was able to recall exactly, page for page, a book which he had read years before. He repeated it out loud to his wife, who checked against the written text. He was word-perfect.

Likewise, self-hypnosis can help you remember business or sales presentations, speeches, poems… anything you have committed to memory. An experiment by Dr Lazarov demonstrated the power of learning through hypnotic suggestion. He informed his students under hypnosis that all they had to do was read a text one single time to learn it by heart. And to the amazement of the students, that’s exactly what happened!

11. Liberate your ‘buried genius’. Using a technique for increasing creative inspiration, Professor Raikov suggested to a group of non-artistic subjects that they were great artists like Renoir or Modigliani. After a few sessions, they all produced amazing paintings.

Dr Banting got the idea for insulin in a dream and now, as you know, insulin is used to help millions of diabetics lead normal lives. Betcherev, Coleridge and Voltaire would sometimes awaken with whole poems written in their heads.

An American psychologist studied the master secrets of self-hypnosis and started writing automatically. Without any conscious effort, she wrote “A course in Miracles”- three large volumes on the power of the mind which have been best-sellers ever since. Numerous other books have been written in a state of self-hypnosis. For example the works of Jane Roberts, which have sold millions of copes around the world, were written using the technique of “automatic writing’.

Others have been trained to increase their powers of telepathic suggestion,  reading other people’s thoughts without their saying a word, influencing other people’s decisions at a distance …. and much more. For example, the Czechoslovakian parapsychologist Dr Milan Ryzl trained many hypnotised subjects to increase their psychic powers, even over incredible distances.