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Live Music’s Charms, Soothing Premature Hearts

Even the Beatles would have had trouble recognizing their peppy song in the lullaby that Andrea Zalkin sang to the tiny, fragile baby clutched to her chest in the neonatal unit. But there was something unintentionally poignant in the title she chose for her son: “Eight Days a Week” is more time than can fit

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Therapeutic Parenting Support Groups In Perth

Have you ever felt angry, afraid, self-doubting, ashamed, or just like giving up on your foster child? These are normal but very distressing emotions for a foster parent. Being in the grip of these strong emotions also makes it virtually impossible for us to put into practice specialist Therapeutic Parenting skills no matter how much we might

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Working With Aboriginal People Using Group Theraplay and Sociodrama

Published in The Theraplay Newsletter, Summer 2000 I have worked now with different Aboriginal communities in Western Australia and find that Theraplay®, with adaptations to fit local cultural patterns, is a very helpful approach, especially when combined with psychodrama in a community setting. There is currently much political and social concern in Australia around the

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